Quick Water Management Tips

Rain Harvesting Fact

A 1,000 square foot roof sheds 623 gallons of rainwater from one inch of rainfall offering you the opportunity to collect thousands of gallons of “free” water for reuse in your garden.

Waterproofing Fact

Winter snow ground thaw and late winter rains can lead to higher ground water conditions, which can create foundation wall and below slab water infiltration.

Retrofit Services - Cherry Hill Homeowner

Cherry Hill Homeowner

Imagine suffering thousands of dollars of water damage to your basement, cleaning everything up, drying it all out—and then doing it all over again in less than a week. That’s exactly what happened to this Cherry Hill Homeowner. Although the home was equipped with a French drain system, muddy runoff from the backyard was leaking into their finished basement, which doubled as their grandchildren’s playroom.

Using advanced water remediation techniques, National/American Waterproofing correctly diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly. “The water was draining from our back patio into an area we couldn’t identify,” says the owner. “We even consulted the plans for the house but couldn’t locate it.” National/American Waterproofing cleaned and recapped the drainpipe, graded the yard to correct the water flow, and created two drainage areas to dispel future ground and stormwater.

“Their initial assessment of the situation was so impressive that we didn’t feel the need to search for another bidder,” says the owner. “In a couple days, it was all sorted out.”

Some rugs and furniture were replaced, and soon enough the family's grandchildren could again enjoy their playroom. But he was struck by how quickly National/American Waterproofing helped get things back to normal. “It was refreshing to see professionals come in, make the correct diagnosis for the problem, and correct it quickly,” says the owner. “We finally got some answers.”