Quick Water Management Tips

Rain Harvesting Fact

A 1,000 square foot roof sheds 623 gallons of rainwater from one inch of rainfall offering you the opportunity to collect thousands of gallons of “free” water for reuse in your garden.

Waterproofing Fact

Winter snow ground thaw and late winter rains can lead to higher ground water conditions, which can create foundation wall and below slab water infiltration.


Service Area Overview

When water damages your property it’s frustrating to find a contractor that you can trust both from an experiential and financial point of view. The cost of cleanup, the health risks from mold and mildew, the loss of irreplaceable valuables all make it a battle you don’t want to have to fight—and that’s before you get to insurance coverage which excludes most basement water damage.

Our experts will uncover the structural points at which water is entering your foundation and design a plan to develop a water management system for your property.

National/American Waterproofing pairs state-of-the-art technology with proven water remediation techniques to develop a water management plan custom-tailored to your property. And after nearly a combined 50 years in the business, we boast a reputation as long-lasting as our work.

Don’t wait for water damage to disrupt your life. Call National/American Waterproofing today.


  • Prevent the unique damage threats to your property with a water management system designed specifically for your needs.
  • All work is backed by a business with a reputation for integrity that has been decades in the making.
  • Trust a proven solution—many retrofit customers are referred by previous National/American Waterproofing customers.

Technical Specifications

  • Liberty pump products, ADS, ND

Carleton Insurance


I have put up with 4 or 5 years of water issues with my building, and if I had known that resolving the issue was as easy as picking up the phone and calling you, the problem would have been resolved a long time ago.

-- Whitney Carleton, Carleton Insurance