Quick Water Management Tips

Rain Harvesting Fact

A 1,000 square foot roof sheds 623 gallons of rainwater from one inch of rainfall offering you the opportunity to collect thousands of gallons of “free” water for reuse in your garden.

Waterproofing Fact

Winter snow ground thaw and late winter rains can lead to higher ground water conditions, which can create foundation wall and below slab water infiltration.

Rainwater Harvesting

Service Overview

Water is a precious resource the world over.  Water is unfortunately taken for granted even as water restrictions and drought conditions become more prevalent.  We will use our knowledge and experience to assess your property’s rainwater harvesting potential.   We will offer a complete assessment with a system design that includes tank options, filtration, pumps and installation.   Water rates, municipal stormwater fees and fines for owners of properties from which excessive water floods into sewers and storm drains will continue to increase.  Don’t let your home or business pay the price.

Active and Passive Rainwater Harvesting services from National/American Waterproofing can help you divert the water that falls on your property for reuse in any number of meaningful ways.

Rainwater Harvesting, Rain gardens and Stormwater retention systems offer comprehensive water recapture strategies for your property. Pervious surfaces help absorb water instead of overfilling storm drains and incurring costly fees. And harvested rainwater and snowmelt provide free, second-use alternatives to municipally processed and treated water, while also supporting conservation efforts.

Find out how to improve your bottom line by implementing a total water management solution. Call National/American Waterproofing today.


  • Forward-thinking, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing solutions manage storm and groundwater efficiently while protecting property from the foundation out.
  • Comprehensive strategies can help lower or avoid municipal fees associated with stormwater runoff and flooding.
  • Total water management systems recapture rain and stormwater for reuse, such as gardening and car washing.

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New Construction

“I have tremendous respect for National/American Waterproofing and [owner] Bill Hoffman. The intangibles he brings to the job are limitless. He stands by his product, he stands by his crew, and he runs a tight ship. There’s nothing else I could ask for.”

-- Jeff Coe, Senior Project Manager