Quick Water Management Tips

Rain Harvesting Fact

A 1,000 square foot roof sheds 623 gallons of rainwater from one inch of rainfall offering you the opportunity to collect thousands of gallons of “free” water for reuse in your garden.

Waterproofing Fact

Winter snow ground thaw and late winter rains can lead to higher ground water conditions, which can create foundation wall and below slab water infiltration.

New Construction Services - Country Classics

Country Classics of Hillsborough, NJ

Jeff Coe is the senior project manager for Country Classics, Inc. of Hillsborough, NJ. Since 1995, he has entrusted National/American Waterproofing with more than 500 of the 800 new-construction basements in the 22 year-old, single-family community. Offering a waterproofed basement with every new Country Classics home adds significant value to the property, especially when that the work is backed by a 25-year, owner-transferrable warranty from National/American Waterproofing.

“To find a company willing to back its work with a 25-year transferrable warranty says a lot about the job they do. To stand behind your work like that, you basically have to be doing everything 100% correctly.”

Coe trusts National/American to work on a schedule and deliver professional results at a price that’s within his budget. “National/American Waterproofing offers peace of mind for our new homebuyers for years after the sale.”

“It’s an integral part of my schedule,” says Coe. “Before they show up, I don’t backfill a foundation. I don’t start a frame. And they meet my schedule at a 99% approval rate.” Best of all, says Coe, the lines of communication are always open, making his job as a senior project manager much easier. “I’m in charge of so many different subcontractors on a jobsite that I don’t have time to worry about every one of them,” says Coe. “National/American Waterproofing calls to confirm before they’re expected, and I never have to call a second time to ask where they are. They arrive on time, and they do the job; they’re in, they’re out.”

Coe can also trust National/American Waterproofing to adjust their purchase orders if the job comes in under budget. “I can’t tell you how much weight that carries,” says Coe. “Our companies enjoy a trusting partnership because the quoting, the work, and the billing are done accurately.”

When Coe calls National/American Waterproofing, he knows he’s getting reliable work product delivered in a timely fashion by professionals. It’s a value that he passes on to his customers, who enjoy peace of mind about the stability of their foundation for years after. “I have tremendous respect for National/American Waterproofing and [owner] Bill Hoffman,” Coe says. “The intangibles he brings to the job are limitless. He stands by his product, he stands by his crew, and he runs a tight ship. There’s nothing else I could ask for.” 

Since 1988, Country Classics has dedicated itself to building superior homes in inviting neighborhoods that meet and exceed the dreams of our homebuyers. For more information, visit: www.country-classics.com